Kenya Weddings

Wedding Vendor Tips

Wedding vendor tips are very important tips to help you work smoothly with your wedding vendors. Wedding vendors are simply the different businesses or individuals who offer your different services for your weddings. Wedding Vendor Tips: Identifying the Right Vendors Identifying the right wedding vendors is not always easy, especially if you have no experience(…)

The Role of the Maid of Honor for Kenyan Weddings

What Role does the Maid of Honor Play for Kenyan Weddings? The maid of honor is a very important person in your bridal party. This is the lady who stands by your side as you plan the wedding and on the big day. Planning Kenyan weddings calls for the bride to work hand in hand(…)

Planning a Kenyan Wedding

The Journey to a Great Kenyan Wedding Every couples’ dream is to have a dream Kenyan wedding that will be talked about for years to come. A dream wedding can only be achieved if all aspects of the wedding are on point. The décor has to be lavish, the cake has to be mouth-watering, the(…)

Kenya Weddings – Beautiful and Yummy Wedding Cakes

Kenya Weddings – the Wedding Cake Kenya weddings are not complete without beautiful wedding cake. The wedding cake is the center piece of the reception. Wedding cakes have been used as a highlight of the wedding reception for many centuries in many different parts of the world. Every couple therefore wants to have a beautiful,(…)

The Role of the Wedding Planner for Kenya Weddings

Kenya Weddings Q&A- Do You Need a Wedding Planner?   Wedding planners are becoming very popular for Kenya weddings. The hard task of planning your weddings can easily make you consider hiring a wedding planner to help you plan your wedding. Wedding planners are specialized in providing the service of planning your wedding. Here in(…)

Kenya Weddings- How to Select a Good Bridal Party

Bridal Party Selection for Kenya Weddings Selecting a bridal party is not the easiest decision you will make concerning your wedding. Some Kenya Weddings have a huge bridal party while others only have the best couple. The choice remains with the couple as to who will join them in the main bridal party. In most(…)

Kenya Weddings- The Perfect Wedding Photos

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